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Resources for Grief

Loss - A sculpture by Jane Mortimer_edit

We don't experience trauma without grief.

And so the process of mourning and grieving is an important component to trauma work. Our approach to how we hold grief is heavily influenced by our training with Rachelle Bensoussan and Michelle Williams at Being Here, Human, as well as our training in Restorative Retelling with The Center for Victims of Torture. 

Grief is a full physiological reaction to the loss of an attachment.

It might be attachment to others, the self or parts of self, our culture, identities, values, the world around us, and much more. In this way, we know that grief doesn't only occur because of the physical loss/death of someone and, importantly:

Grief and trauma are intricately intertwined.

Writing, support, & PBS documentary with Megan Devine.

Validating the experience of grievers & caregivers.

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