Full Job Description:​

Acorn Therapy is looking to hire compassion-focused and trauma-trained clinicians. We're excited to find new colleagues who are invested in building greater access to high-quality care for clients with PTSD, C-PTSD, and other trauma and stressor-related experiences.


The clinicians we hire will be part of a new team that we plan to further expand as we transition from a private practice to a group practice model. This move to group practice is to grow in response to waitlist demand and to increase accessibility to quality trauma treatment in our surrounding community. Successful candidates will play a central role in the expansion of our practice, values, and approach to trauma care - maybe that's you!


This position can be remote or hybrid remote/in-person. Remote therapists are encouraged to apply as we receive many inquiries from distance clients. Candidates must possess a master's degree and state licensure. We are open to LMHC, LMFT, or LICSW (including associates).

Employment Type & Benefits:

This is a W2, hourly, flexible schedule position that can be part-time or full-time. Benefits include:

  • PTO accrual (for full-time)

  • Monthly stipend for health insurance with eventual transition to provision of benefits (for full-time)

  • Yearly stipend for CEUs

  • Support with caseload and marketing

  • Insurance credentialing (if eligible)

  • EHR and HIPAA-compliant phone, fax, email, and telehealth platform

  • In-house professional development and training

  • Consultation meetings

  • Stipend for supervision (if applicable; for full-time).



Starting pay is $50 per clinical hour (an approx. 50/50 fee split) and $30 per administrative hour. A full caseload would equate to approximately $70,000 per year.


(Clinicians seeking W9 work may be considered depending on terms -- pay, benefits, etc. would be negotiated separately from the benefits listed here).


  • Conduct trauma-sensitive intake assessments and MSEs for new clients.

  • Provide individual therapy to clients on a weekly basis and/or as needed.

  • Complete clinical, billing, and insurance documentation within specified time frames.

  • Develop crisis and safety plans as needed.

  • Adhere to all current federal and state laws, regulatory requirements, and ethical codes.

  • Uphold Acorn Therapy's practice policies and procedures, HIPAA compliance, and clinical policies.

  • Maintain professional licensure status, competency, and skills via self-directed learning and continued education.

  • Balance clinical work with administrative tasks such as treatment planning, completing notes, scheduling, and responsive client communication.

  • Represent the values of Acorn Therapy in your work with clients and among the larger community.


Required Qualifications:
  • Master's degree in clinical psychology, mental health counseling, social work, or equivalent.

  • Active and unrestricted mental health counselor license (or equivalent) in Washington State or be able to provide proof of forthcoming licensure. We're open to associate-level licensees; however, associates will need to secure off-site supervision - we are happy to support this process with a monthly supervision stipend.

  • Active malpractice insurance with 1 million/3 million coverage.

  • Particular desire to focus on trauma care and possess, at least, foundational knowledge of developmental trauma, shock trauma, complex trauma, attachment, and relational trauma.

  • At least a basic competency in trauma-focused treatment planning, case conceptualization, and overarching trajectory for the therapeutic processes.

Desired Qualifications:
  • Knowledge of additional co-occurring issues such as anxiety, depression, dissociative identity disorder, somatoform disorders, and personality disorganization.

  • Knowledge of contemporary trauma theories that incorporate concepts such as attachment and safety-seeking, developmental psychology, affective neuroscience, psychophysiology, systemic/social-environmental factors, and grief in the context of trauma.

  • Knowledge of specific trauma experiences such as intimate partner violence, sexual abuse, childhood bullying, childhood neglect, emotional/psychological abuse, and chronic illness/medical trauma.

  • Training and/or certification in one or more trauma treatment approaches such as EMDR, IFS/Parts/Ego States, Compassion-Focused Therapy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, NARM, CPT, etc.

To Apply:

Apply by emailing info@acorn-therapy.com with your resume and a short cover email. Applicants will be invited to an informal in-person or video interview, which will focus on learning about you and getting to know your approach to trauma care in the therapeutic context.