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Things to read, watch, listen, and use

Info Sheets

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Intro to EMDR

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The Vagus Nerve

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Dissociation Basics

Trauma Reading

Somatic Tools Playlist

For calming the sympathetic response (anxiety, stress, anger) and gently enlivening the parasympathetic response (depression, dissociation, despair, shame).

If some of these tools feel difficult, that's normal! It can be really hard for us to tend to ourselves when we were taught to do the opposite through our traumatic experiences. As you're getting started, it's ok to dip your toe in, notice how your body is responding, and then dip back out.

Somatic Tools
Grief Resources



Other Advocates & Offerings


Foundation Trust

Complex trauma resources

Andrea Glik-7.webp

Andrea Glik, LCSW

Low-cost pre-recorded workshops


Nate Postlethwait

Free inner child journal & paid workshops/programs


Alicja Englard (Alice

Miller) Psychologist, writer

Coping Tools

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